Tableau Certifies MongoDB Enterprise Advanced as a Named Connector

MongoDB Connector for BI is now certified by Tableau as a named connector, enabling users to visually analyze rich, JSON-like data structures associated with modern applications directly in MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

MongoDB has partnered with Tableau in the past and, in the process, identified that there was strong demand for this functionality, but did not have an official named connection as it does now with Tableau 10.3, said Bryan Reinero, a product manager at MongoDB.

According to Reinero, following the initial implementation, MongoDB did a “clean sheet design” to improve the connector’s performance and began partnering actively with Tableau on a named connector and full certification for the 2.0 series of the MongoDB BI Connector.

As the MongoDB NoSQL document store database and its role in the enterprise have matured, there has been a greater need to address users’ desire to process and extract insights from the business data being serviced by MongoDB using familiar tools. There were a number of ways that this could be accomplished, including moving data to a different system. However, Tableau’s certification of the MongoDB Connector for BI provides two things for users, said Reinero. One is that it allows them to use Tableau to visualize and run reports off data that is stored in MongoDB without moving it, and two, it allows established and new users to run reports and visualizations using what they consider to be a highly valued tool in which they have already invested significant training and time.

“We really wanted to meet the customers where they were and allow them to run those visualizations from a tool that they had already selected as the best and as something that they were already familiar with,” said Reinero.

The new named connector addresses a growing market need for Tableau customers by providing them with visual analysis of data stored in MongoDB, according to Todd Talkington, director of technology partnerships at Tableau. Social, mobile, rich web apps, as well as other sources that generate unstructured data are the future, he added, and it has become critical to provide analytics on that data.

Beyond Tableau, BI partners that MongoDB Connector for BI works with include Qlik, Spotfire, Microsoft PowerBI, MicroStrategy, and others.

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