Tableau Delivers Platform Innovations in Latest Release

Tableau Software has updated its signature platform with a completely refreshed design, new analytical and mobile enhancements, options for preparing data, and a host of new enterprise capabilities.

“We’re really excited about this and it’s a very significant release for Tableau in a lot of different ways,” said Ashley Bass, senior manager of product management at Tableau. “We’ve seen, as we’ve gone through the beta program as we go through this, tremendous excitement from customers.”

Tableau 10’s interface has been completely overhauled with a new color palette to ensure perceptual equality of shapes in complex visualizations and emphasis when needed. New default settings help people use visual design best practices for every question, but gives the option to change format so people have the flexibility to be creative and expressive with their data. “This puts people’s data front and center,” Bass said.

Tableau is also enhancing its mobile capabilities, introducing a new Device Designer that allows users to create dashboards that automatically render the right size and views for a range of devices, including Android phones. It gives users the option to further customize views in a single file and grants access to offline snapshots that refresh in the background while users are connected.

Additional features in the updated platform include cross-database functionality that helps people bring together disparate data sources at the row level without the need to start up complicated integration projects and new analytics capabilities that make complex analysis more accessible.

The ability to do more on the web, such as create dashboards, publishing workbooks and data sources, along with cloud-based analytics has been updated as well.

For developers, new APIs have been added to Tableau to enable them to write custom applications that leverage data or to embed business intelligence into virtually any app or website.

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