Tableau Highlights Data Transparency by Collaborating with Enigma

Tableau is partnering with the United States Department of Commerce and operational data management and intelligence provider Enigma to help the general public see and understand government data.

"Our mission at Tableau is to help people see and understand data," said Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer at Tableau. "We're excited to join the Department of Commerce's efforts to make data more open, accessible, and understandable for people all over the country."

By utilizing an easy-to-read Tableau Public dashboard, users can now explore economic data in a visual manner, and quickly answer questions such as, "how many total businesses are in the Seattle metropolitan area?" or, "how does that compare to Los Angeles?”

Using the free Tableau Public data analysis tool for public data, combined with the Enigma platform, this collaboration will make it easier for anyone to analyze and visualize economic data.

Additionally, Tableau will be hosting the Tableau Government Summit in Washington, DC on February 23, 2017, where experts and thought leaders will discuss their strategies for delivering deeper insights into their data.

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