Tableau Presents 10.5 Beta Release

Tableau is kicking off its 10th conference in Las Vegas this week, and showcasing new and upcoming capabilities of its platform. Key among the product advancements is the Tableau 10.5 beta featuring Hyper, a new technology for faster extracts and query performance; the new Extensions API available as a developer-preview; the beta of a new data prep product; and support for the Linux OS.

Hyper, Tableau’s new technology for faster extracts, is now available as part of the Tableau 10.5 public beta. Along with improved extract creation and query performance, the company says, Hyper also gives organizations the ability to scale their extracts and their deployments to more users without impacting performance.

With the new Extensions API, developer-preview here, developers can create dashboard extensions that enable customers to integrate and interact with other applications directly in Tableau. This allows customers to access the full functionality third-party applications without leaving their dashboard.

Additionally, Tableau’s new data prep product, code-named Project Maestro, will become available in public beta this quarter, providing the ability for customers to combine and clean their data, operationalize their data flow, and share their work across their organization with the Tableau platform.

And finally, also coming in Tableau 10.5, Tableau Server on Linux operating system will allow organizations using a Linux OS to seamlessly optimize and integrate Tableau into their current processes and workflows.

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