Tableau Releases Hands-on Data Analysis Mobile Application

Tableau is making data analysis more easily accessible with a new application designed to help people see and understand data with just an iPad. “We’re all about helping people see and understand their data and with this product what we’re doing is extending our reach to even more people. We’re also advancing the state of the art of touching your data," said Dave Story, vice president of mobile and strategic growth at Tableau.

The new application, Tableau Vizable, will make it possible to explore data by using gestures such as pinching, swiping and dragging, allowing  users to sculpt data into visualizations in seconds. “There is a million and a half apps last I checked a couple of months ago on the app store on the IOS alone and there’s not a single app for viewing and understanding your data,” Story said.

Vizable is ideal for a variety of users who want to analyze personal or business data. “A whole bunch of different people have been using this app and they have nothing in common except they have an iPad, data, and questions,” Story said.  Feedback from businesses and organizations that have had the opportunity to test the solution has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Story.

“We started with a food truck, so the very nature of our business is mobile,” said Roz Edison, owner of Marination, a Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine business with one food truck and two restaurants in Seattle. “Since we’ve started using Vizable, if someone asks me how Marination is doing this week, I can pull out my iPad, start swiping and dragging my cash register data, and boom!  It’s that easy.”

The first version works with data in CSV files and Excel (xls or xlsx) files.  Visualizations created in Vizable can be shared with friends and colleagues through email, instant message, or social media. Vizable is currently available worldwide in the Apple iTunes store in English. It supports data in many international formats today, and will be translated to other languages in the future.

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