Tableau Software Announces General Availability of Tableau 5.0

Tableau Software, a leading provider of analytics and business intelligence software, has announced the general availability of Tableau version 5.0, the next generation of the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server product suite. Tableau 5.0 has more than 60 new features including new dashboard and interactive visualization capabilities, improved scalability, and higher performance. These features help businesses of all sizes see and understand their data better and more visually.

Elissa Fink, vice president of marketing for Tableau, tells 5 Minute Briefing that Tableau's "rapid-fire business intelligence consists of a user-driven approach where IT provides the infrastructure but business users can create their own reports, an easy to use visualization interface, high performance with out-of-the-box database connectivity, easy administration with no requirement for professional services for deployment, and flexibility with respect to user configurations."

Tableau 5.0 advances this approach to business intelligence with the capabilities to create active dashboards and interactive visualizations that enable people anywhere in an organization to track and explore their most important metrics. With just a few clicks, Tableau business dashboards give users the ability to highlight and filter related data-known as brushing and linking. Users can share and follow emerging stories in their data using guided analytics that include links to other dashboards, reports and applications.

Tableau Server 5.0 offers significant upgrades to scalability, performance and ease of maintenance. Load can be distributed to multiple servers to support thousands of users; companies can easily add more hardware to their Tableau Server environment as needed. Along with enhanced multithreading, distributing server load means simultaneous users have no delays in working with their view. And, new management and monitoring tools make it easier for IT staff to track and support their Tableau Server.

Tableau 5.0 also provides a range of other new features, including capabilities such as wildcard quick filters, dual axis visualizations, search within quick filters, data portability, and customized data details. For more information about Tableau Software and a full list of the new features and upgrades in version 5.0, go here.