Tableau Targets Enterprise-Wide Analytics with New Features

Tableau, a Salesforce Company, has unveiled new data and analytics platform capabilities today. The goal with the new enterprise capabilities and new enterprise subscription plans is to help customers advance their digital transformations by enabling everyone in an organization with trusted and governed data.

Key new capabilities and improvements are focused on managing the data chaos and enabling data governance at scale and ensuring analytics scales with enterprise demand.

New capabilities to make data easier to manage, easier to scale, and easier to trust include:

  • Data Prep:Tableau Prep now makes it easier for customers to reduce loads/costs of server resources automatically and generate rows to more easily map out trends in data
  • Governance:New features help ensure/maintain data quality by alerting you of any potential issues and provide easier visibility into the type of data you have and where it came from
  • Centralized row level security:New features allow for increased flexibility and segmentation by allowing Tableau administrators to centrally configure which users and groups have access to which slices of data configure access.

In addition, new enterprise analytics capabilities include:

  • Enterprise reference architecture:Enterprise Deployment Guidelines (EDG) provides the Tableau reference architecture for our enterprise customers with a prescriptive methodology to achieve requirements around availability, scalability and security. EDG is technology agnostic, platform independent and aligned with enterprise data center best practices.
  • Dynamic Scaling:New feature helps enterprises appropriately resource their deployment and ensures enough containers are available during peak demand times and scale down during low demand times.
  • Resource Management:IT teams can better optimize the performance of Tableau Server by defining application resource limits.

In addition, new enterprise subscription plans make it easier to procure and deploy Tableau across an entire organization. By bundling analytics with Data Management and Server Management, enterprise customers can more easily procure and deploy Tableau's full capabilities to benefit everyone.

The data prep and catalog improvements along with the new subscription plans will be available later in September with the release of Tableau 2021.3. The additional features will be available in the coming months. To learn more, visit