Tableau Unveils New Connector for Google Cloud SQL

Tableau is partnering with Google to provide customers and enterprises with a new connector for Google Cloud SQL.

Google Cloud SQL is a MySQL database that is part of the Google Cloud Platform.  It has the capabilities and functionality of MySQL, with additional features including data replication, data encryption at rest, automatic backups, flexible billing options, and storage of up to 16 gig of RAM and 500 gigs of storing space.

“Google’s a leader and innovator in the cloud,” said Jeff Feng, product manager at Tableau.  “We see a ton of opportunity working together in the future.” This new connector, which Feng said will be available in the coming weeks, will provide Tableau and Google Cloud SQL customers with an easy way to see and understand their data.

Tableau believes  an increasing number of people are migrating to hosting their data in the cloud. More and more application data starts and lives in the cloud, Feng explained, and customers increasingly want hosting solutions where they don’t have to own the underlying infrastructure or do the maintenance.

“This also allows customers to get up, go faster, and become more agile as their use case and data grows,” Feng said. “Our support of Google Cloud SQL is largely mirroring the trends that we are seeing in the marketplace.”

Developers who want to have a relational database as the back end to their application on Google App Engine will benefit from this, Feng said. Additionally, enterprises or users who want to have a relational data base for storing their business application data will benefit too.

Other integrations are in the works as Tableau’s vision is to continue to give users access to all the data sources that are meaningful and relevant to them. “We’re very excited about the future roadmap of Google Could SQL,” Feng said. “We are very excited about the future.”

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