Tableau Unveils Version 9.1 with Single Sign On for SAP HANA

Tableau has introduced an upgraded version of its comprehensive data visualization platform, which includes increased enterprise security features, such as single Sign On for SAP HANA and Mutual SSL Authentication, new connectors, and visual analytics upgrades.

“We continue to build on our momentum and we’ve made some key investments in 9.1 in areas to support the enterprise by extending our authentication and security ecosystem,” said Ashley Bass, product manager at Tableau. “We also added a whole new way to connect to data.”

Version 9.1 of the platform redesigns the mobile application to make it easier for people to find, interact with and manage content on the go. Offline Snapshots save favorite views that can be seen offline at any time. “This will make it a lot easier for users to have a great new Tableau experience,” said Rupali Jain, senior product manager at Tableau.

Along with the newly renovated mobile app, the platform allows customers open access to any data source from within their Tableau deployment. The new open platform will launch with nearly a dozen pre-built sample connectors to popular sources to include Facebook and Google Sheets, while still allowing users to build their own.

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