Tackling Governance During the Data Discovery Process

Ensuring data is governed properly is a hot topic as more tools and capabilities to analyze and gain insights become available. At the same time, data discovery is becoming more imperative as analysts must be able to move through the process with as little friction as possible.

John O’Brien, principal analyst and CEO, at Radiant Advisors, discussed how to effectively secure data during the data discovery process at Data Summit 2016.

According to O’Brien, enterprises must empower data analysts to get through the data quickly.

“I look at data discovery as a capability we want to give to the business,” O’Brien said.

Analysts face multiple challenges during this process including enabling access to information and collaborating yet remaining independent from IT.

“They want to be self sufficient, they want to access data, they want to access data, they want to integrate their own data, they want to blend it, they want to put a front end on it, and do everything IT does except maintain it,” O’Brien said.

Part of it is using tools and technology, O’Brien noted, and another part is the platform and infrastructure.

By establishing roles and responsibilities, O’Brien said enterprises can begin to focus on governing that data.

To begin the governing process enterprises must decide on a definition of ownership and set up ongoing monitoring of the discovery methods, O’Brien explained.

Enterprises can tap into a variety of strategies, with enabling highly iterative self-sufficient IT along with utilizing intuitive visualization tools.

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