Take a Deep Dive into the Nutanix Solution for Databases

IT teams are under Increasing pressure to ensure data security and availability but are lacking skillsets and integrated tools (i.e. inability to keep environment patched & standardized) to ensure the availability and security of a growing database estate.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Chris Paap, solutions marketing manager, Nutanix, who discussed how using Nutanix can secure DBs from vulnerabilities, backing up databases, and provide high availability.

IT teams and DBA’s face a number of challenges including database security and availability, daily business demands across production, dev, and test, building database instances – provisioning, and performance/troubleshooting complexity, Paap said.

Database complexity is hurting the business:

  • It’s difficult to manage SLA’s
  • Costs of copy data is high
  • Decreased business agility

According to the IDC Copy Data Management report 2016 & 2018, 45% to 60% of total storage capacity is dedicated to accommodating copy data, Paap said.

The Nutanix solution for databases provides one platform for all a user’s databases, automated lifecycle management, and deployment choice.

According to Paap, Nutanix developed a platform that virtualizes and brings all a user’s database engines under one roof with one-click operations that make monitoring, optimizing, and managing all those databases much simpler and faster.

Nutanix then added modern cloud-ready database-as-a-service capabilities that automate and eliminate much of the administrative load.

The result is a database solution that performs exceptionally well, as the business demands it, is always available, secure and extremely cost-efficient, Paap explained.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.