Talend 5.5 Improves Performance and Scalability on Hadoop

Talend, a provider of big data integration software, has announced the availability of Talend version 5.5. According to the company, Talend 5.5 enhances Talend’s performance and scalability on Hadoop by an average of 45% and addresses the challenge posed for many companies by the limited pool of knowledgeable Hadoop developers. With Talend 5.5, the company says, any data integration developer can use a visual development environment to generate native, high performance and scalable Hadoop code.  

The latest release has gone through a rigorous set of performance and scalability tests, including a performance benchmark developed by the Transaction Processing Performance Council, known as TPC-H.  Out of the 22 standard TPC-H tests, Talend says the latest release ran up to 67% faster with an average improvement of 45% across generated MapReduce code. Talend also worked with one of the industry’s largest financial services companies to do real-world testing.

As part of other performance improvements throughout the product suite, there is an enhancement to the Talend Data Mapper, an advanced data mapping tool designed to handle complex data structures such as XML, EDI and Java objects - particularly important for managing electronic data interchange (EDI). Talend 5.5 now includes support for very large files with the ability to stream multi-gigabyte documents into Hadoop clusters.

In addition,working with Talend alliance partner Altic, Talend Labs is supporting the future of Hadoop by working with Apache Spark for fast, large-scale data processing in situations such as fraud detection and sensor data processing.

“Our support of Apache Spark is a great example of how Talend is helping the open source community and customers take advantage of the latest innovations in big data,” said Fabrice Bonan, chief product officer and co-founder of Talend. “Instead of becoming experts in every new Hadoop project, customers can use our visual designer and Talend generates optimized code for them. This allows IT organizations to stay focused on delivering business value while we keep them on the cutting edge.”

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