Talend 5.6 Adds Improvements for Big Data Performance, IoT Connectivity, and Real-Time Projects

Talend has introduced a new release of its integration platform. The 5.6 release sets new benchmarks for big data productivity and profiling, innovates in MDM with efficiency controls, and broadens Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity.

Talend 5.6 also continues to add to its extensive list of over 800 application connectors and components with the introduction of support for Oracle GoldenGate CDC, Microsoft HDInsight and enhanced connectivity to SaaS solutions including, Marketo and NetSuite.

“Talend 5.6 reinforces our commitment to accelerating the adoption of Hadoop and being at the forefront of innovations that enable our customers to immediately recognize the benefits of new framework advancements,” said Laurent Bride, CTO, Talend. “From enabling new use cases to boosting performance and productivity across-the-board, Talend 5.6 is packed with the capabilities that enterprises need to make today’s data projects even faster and easier, as well as support the increasingly complex big data requirements directly ahead.”

In addition, Talend 5.6 introduces previews of code for leveraging Apache Spark to speed batch analysis jobs, and Apache Storm for the analysis of ‘data in motion’ or streaming information.

In addition to ingesting real-time and operational big data to allow for decision-making scenarios such as dynamic pricing, cart-abandonment defense or fraud prevention, Talend 5.6 also improves the performance of MapReduce big data processing projects. Further improving its native Hadoop support, Talend 5.6 is 24% faster than the previous version released in May 2014.

Talend 5.6 also introduces support for two IoT related protocols (MQTT and AMQP) that will enable the sensor data to be directly ingested into companies’ real-time data integration workflows.

Supporting data-driven processes, Talend 5.6 adds new functionality to MDM that helps streamline data model changes, lineage traceability and matching. As a result, the company says, Talend 5.6 can cut the time needed to update master data models in half and double the speed of data cleansing. This, combined with the new MDM activity dashboards, allows the new release to better provide data stewards with the visibility and control they need to complete projects on time.

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