Talend Adds Big Data Profiling and Support for Major NoSQL Databases in Version 5.2

Open source software vendor Talend announced that it has added big data profiling for Apache Hadoop and support for NoSQL databases in the upcoming release of its integration platform, Talend v5.2. Big data profiling enables users to address poor data quality and inefficiencies, as well as reduce costs. Talend’s support for the NoSQL databases Cassandra, HBase, and MongoDB allows organizations to achieve the high levels of big data integration performance and inclusiveness.

Data profiling, the process of evaluating the character and condition of data stored across the enterprise, is a critical step toward gaining control over organizational data, and is emerging as a big data best practice. “Profiling allows you to understand what you have in your Hadoop cluster and how this data can be used for your big data integration and management project,” Yves de Montcheuil, Talend’s vice president of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Talend data profiling leverages the power of Hadoop by enabling users to scale up with additional servers to improve performance and manage increases in volume. “It’s about finding new efficiencies for the business and reducing the cost,” de Montcheuil adds. 

Support for NoSQL databases Cassandra, HBase, and MongoDB in v5.2 extends Talend’s scope of integration across the full spectrum of transactional, operational and analytic data sources, offering customers improved big data integration performance and inclusiveness and seamless flow between diverse data sources. NoSQL databases provide organizations with scale and flexibility, and have become a popular technology for certain architectures. With the new support for Cassandra, HBase, and MongoDB, Talend customers will be able to migrate and synchronize data between NoSQL databses and traditional data stores with ease.

Talend v5.2 is available now. Visit to learn more.