Talend Creates Data Pipeline Designer

Talend, a provider of cloud data integration and data integrity, is introducing Pipeline Designer to Talend Cloud, a unified, comprehensive, and highly scalable integration platform as-a-service (iPaaS).

Talend’s new web-based graphical designer dramatically simplifies the creation of end-to-end data pipelines, giving customers the ability to preview live data and transform it with ease.

Using a single web interface, data engineers and developers can seamlessly design data pipelines across batch and streaming use cases that can scale with the latest hybrid and multi-cloud technologies. 

With Talend, the processing and computing layer is decoupled from the data pipeline design so companies can scale with the cloud and/or on-premises technologies of their choice at any time.

Talend Cloud with Pipeline Designer enables IT and ad-hoc integrators to use a simple interface to transform and move their data—whether it is on-premises or cloud, batch or streaming— into cloud data lakes and data warehouses within a single seamless environment.

Features of Pipeline Designer include:

  • Create end-to-end pipelines to preview live data and transform it in a web-based UI
    • Design and build resilient pipelines with schema-on-read?capabilities
    • Develop and debug in real time with a live preview?of data
  • Design?with speed across?batch?and?streaming data use?cases using a single interface
    • Integrate any data, structured or unstructured?
    • Connect easily to leading data sources like Salesforce; Amazon S3, Redshift and Kinesis; Azure SQL Database; Snowflake; and Apache Kafka?
  • Design pipelines in the cloud, then run on-premises, in AWS EMR, or in a virtual private cloud Build and run hybrid, multi-cloud pipelines?
    • Get unlimited scale by running native Apache Spark on big data platforms?
    • Future-proof development with one-click portability between platforms?
    • Data pipelines for today’s data integration needs

“With Pipeline Designer’s new user-friendly UI, customers will be able to easily ingest and transform batch and streaming data,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP products, Talend. We’re thrilled to add this new design environment to Talend Cloud.”

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