Talend Creates Partner Program to Allow Variety of Integrations

Talend, a provider of cloud data integration and data integrity, is introducing a new technology partner program, extending and accelerating the development of partner-built solutions for Talend Data Fabric.

The new Technology Alliance Program is available worldwide and provides partners with access integration tool kits, product licenses for testing and demonstration, marketing assistance, and technical resources, including development support to speed the building of value-added data integrations and connectors for customers.

The program provides access to two open source development tool kits: Talend Component Kit (TCK), which is used to create read/write connectors and data processing components for Talend Cloud, and, which is used to create straightforward read connectors, called Singer taps, that can be used with Talend’s Stitch Data Loader to easily ingest data into industry-leading cloud data warehouses and data lakes.

The latest version of the Talend Component Kit SDK serves as an easy-to-use and comprehensive development framework.

TCK comes with a rich set of pre-defined classes, methods, and functions to streamline the component development process and make them easily portable across Talend products.

Using TCK, partners can quickly build both single-function and highly intricate component integrations that enable native bi-directional connectivity or improve integrations between Talend and the partner’s application. This framework makes the component development process leading to a more frictionless customer experience and quicker time to value.

As part of the company’s broader partner program, Talend’s Technology Alliance Program supports the development of partner-built integrations that help deliver high-value and innovative solutions to joint customers. These partner-built integrations will also benefit Talend’s existing ecosystem of VAR and SIs, expanding the scope and completeness of custom solutions built for customers.

“Talend takes pride in its partnerships and strives to bring the best solutions to serve our mutual customers,” said Mike Pickett, SVP of Business Development and Ecosystems at Talend. “This Technology Alliance Program is just one step in demonstrating our dedication to our global partners, and we plan to continue innovating and delivering solutions to make their jobs as seamless as possible.”

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