Talend Enables Big Data Integration in the Cloud

Talend has introduced a new solution called Talend Integration Cloud to provide instant, elastic and secure capacity so IT teams can more easily shift workloads between on-premise and cloud environments. “We have a complete suite of integration solutions,” said Ashley Stirrup, chief marketing officer for Talend. The introduction of Talend Integration is “a logical next step,” he added, as the company extends its suite to run in the cloud. “We are going to be bringing all the data integration, data quality, and big data capabilities to the cloud.”

Targeted at SMBs, large enterprises, and IT integration developers, and planned for availability in April, the hosted cloud integration platform will provide a single solution for bulk, batch and real-time data integration across hundreds of data sources including Hadoop, Amazon Redshift and NoSQL databases. Users can extract, cleanse, enrich, and share data between thousands of applications and data sources. Talend Integration Cloud also offers capabilities for de-duplicating and standardizing data to help increase information accuracy and completeness. Supported sources include Marketo, NetSuite, Salesforce, Redshift, SAP, AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, email, and FTP.

Talend Integration Cloud will allow IT to use Talend Studio and apply more than 800 connectors and components to simplify development of cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration flows that can be deployed as governed integration services. Organizations are also expected to benefit from a new self service user interface, Stirrup explained. “Not only are we going to be empowering IT to leverage the cloud and all the benefits of it, we’re also empowering a whole new class of user,” Stirrup said. “We’re empowering business people to do the data integration themselves with a very simple, easy to use interface.”

In the past, IT has been cautious about adoption of the cloud for data integration for security reasons, Stirrup said. “They are now starting to embrace it. We are going to see a dramatic increase in the growth of that space.”

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