Talend Expands OEM Program to Broaden Options for Embedding Integration Technology

Talend, an open source software provider, has announced an expansion of its "Powered by Talend" OEM Partner Program designed to help software vendors and SaaS providers embed its enterprise-grade open source integration technologies in their offerings. With the program, partners can leverage all components of the Talend Unified Platform, a set of data management and application integration technologies that Talend says can deliver core functionality at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

According to Talend, the new OEM Partner Program components are easy to embed and bundle, and now include a comprehensive suite of technologies that can be used either in combination with one another or standalone.  "What we are bringing is the entire set of features that we offer to enterprise customers and the entire breadth of products that we offer to enterprise customers, and we are making them embeddable by software vendors and SaaS providers to bring those integration capabilities into their product lines," Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing, at Talend, tells 5 Minute Briefing. 

While Talend has been working with OEM partners for some time, it has not been a strong focus until now, de Montcheuil notes. To direct the expanded OEM Partner Intiative, Talend has appointed Keith Goldstein as vice president of Channels and Alliances. "When Keith joined a few months ago, one of his primary missions was to rebuild and redefine our OEM program." Many vendors don't realize that this technology is readily available and affordable to plug into their own technology stacks, de Montcheuil notes, and as a result are doing manual coding. Goldstein says he expects the expansion of the OEM program to result in a significant ramp up in the contribution to overall revenues, "in the neighborhood of 10% within a year."

Talend’s new OEM Partner Program components include capabilities for:

  • Big Data - a comprehensive embeddable data management platform, leveraging Hadoop and the MapReduce architecture, specifically designed to help vendors address the challenges of processing and analyzing ever-growing and always more complex data.
  • Data Integration - Talend's integration solution serves all needs from batch data movement, ETL for analytics, or real-time synchronization of data stores. By embedding Talend's data integration technology, OEM partners ensure consistency of data across their own     products; import, export, or synchronize data with third party systems; load data marts or data warehouses, and more.
  • Data Quality - with the first fully embeddable data quality solution, Talend partners offer analysis and profiling capabilities for the data contained in their systems, and include cleansing and enrichment capabilities, either inside their applications, or within their inbound/outbound flows of data.
  • Master Data Management - based on the flexible Active Data Model, Talend's MDM technology can easily be customized to meet the data consistency and consolidation needs of Talend partners, who incorporate enterprise-grade MDM and governance capabilities in their own systems, for mastering any data domain.
  • Enterprise Service Bus - the use of a versatile and flexible enterprise service bus (ESB) allows Talend partners to address any application integration challenge - from simple needs to complex, heterogeneous environments.

All components of the "Powered by Talend" program are based on the Talend Unified Platform technology, a unified platform that leverages data management and application integration in a single development and runtime environment, promoting reusability and consistency of the approach.

To date, more than 25 vendors and SaaS providers have become OEM partners of Talend, and are leveraging Talend's Data Integration and Data Quality in a variety of ways, such as white-label products sold under the partner's brand, design and runtime environment embedded into the partner's solution, and pre-packaged runtime processes.

The "Powered by Talend" OEM program offers customized and rebranded versions of Talend's solutions through a flexible program that lets third-party software vendors, whether they use the open source model or not, embed Talend's technologies into the their own product stack.

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