Talend Introduces Master Data Management Solution

Talend, a provider of open source data integration software, has announced the availability of an open source master data management (MDM) solution. With the launch, Talend says it is "democratizing" the MDM market with an affordable, open source alternative to cost-prohibitive and disjointed proprietary technologies.

"What we are offering is actually the first open source master data management stack that is fully integrated, that comprises the data integration part, the data quality part, the mastering of the data itself, as well as the data governance, and all of that is built from the same code base, provided in a unified platform which is available both as an open source version, and an enterprise subscription edition," Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing at Talend, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Talend has been involved with many MDM projects with its data integration and data quality technology, so it is not a market that is new for the company, says de Montcheuil. "We just didn't have the complete stack." But in September 2009, Talend acquired an MDM technology from Amalto Technologies, "and over the past 6 months, we have been busy open sourcing the technology and integrating it with its data integration and data quality stacks," de Montcheuil explains.

Key to Talend's new MDM open source software is Talend's Active Data Model, which allows organizations to immediately model and master any data domain, beyond predefined models for set domains. It is the center of the master data implementation and drives integration, quality and lifecycle of the master data. Talend MDM uses data model driven events to drive when and where data is synchronized, augmented or distributed, and a graphical tool provides over 400 proven components and connectors to build integration processes for the master data.

Enabling master data quality, the Active Data Model allows users to validate, resolve and augment master data. The solution delivers a robust data profiling tool and provides components for name and address standardization, callouts to external standardization services and augmentation routines. Additionally, a collaborative interface provides a set of tools for a team to collaborate on and create a trusted and reliable set of master data and the appropriate stewardship tools to manage the process of updating and managing the master data through a lifecycle. And finally, Talend Studio provides a single platform for managing the data model, configuring integration, administering data quality and creating stewardship workflows to enable rapid implementation and to simplify management.

Talend MDM is available immediately and exists in two editions. Talend MDM Community Edition is provided under the GPL license and can be downloaded at no charge here.

Talend MDM Enterprise Edition is provided under a subscription license. For more information, go here.