Talend Introduces Talend Integration Suite MPX For Large Data Volumes

Talend, a leading provider of open data integration software, has announced the availability of Talend Integration Suite MPX, a new edition of its Integration Suite Platform specially designed to help organizations attain high levels of performance and remove obstacles typically associated with traditional data integration processes.

Fully compatible with projects developed with Talend Integration Suite, MPX leverages two key sets of features to attain extreme scalability. The first is FileScale Technology that is based on the MapReduce architecture originally developed by Google for highly distributed processing of data in a data set mode. The FileScale components in Talend Integration Suite MPX allow integration processes to sort, filter and merge data, perform aggregation and arithmetic functions and transform and ensure the compliance of data. FileScale components are especially optimized for each supported platform, ensuring the highest possible performance.

The second feature set is Massive Parallelization that allows the execution of separate sub-processes in parallel, breaking down data sets into many parallel streams and leveraging parallel database loaders.With Talend Integration Suite MPX, IT organizations are able to process high volumes of data very quickly, providing the most up to date insight into the enterprise's operations. Data warehouses and analytic applications can be refreshed more often and can include more granular data for more accurate analysis--all in efforts to equip the enterprise to make more informed and accurate business decisions.

Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of market strategy for Talend, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "these two functionality sets are optimized for very large data sets and can perform transformations on billions of records at very high speeds. The Talend Integration Suite MPX will benefit companies in any industry where very large amounts of data need to be transformed and integrated for analysis, including telecommunications, financial services, medical research, and retail."

Additionally, de Montcheuil informed 5 Minute Briefing that a benchmark was performed with Sun Microsystem's commodity servers where Talend Integration Suite MPX reached levels of scalability in sorting and calculation tests that have never been met before. The benchmark was performed with industry-standard TPC-H data sets, ranging in size from 6 million to 3.3 billion records, and the average calculation on 3.3 billion records reached 220,000 records per second.

For more information about Talend Integration Suite Mpx, go here.