Talend Joins Salesforce Analytics Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Talend is partnering with Salesforce to provide companies with a cost-effective way to cleanse, transform, and move big data.

“We’ve been working with Salesforce for a long time,” said Ashley Stirrup, CMO at Talend. “But now we are supporting Salesforce Analytics Cloud and allowing customers to bring in all sorts of additional types of data.”

Talend's recently introduced Integration Cloud helps organizations to deliver accurate, clean and consistent data to business users. Customers using Salesforce Analytics Cloud will now be able to do analytics across a much broader set of data. “They are going to be able to pull in data from many of the different systems or any other places where they can get data about their customers,” Stirrup said. “This will empower business users to go access those other data sources and pull together data they typically would have had a hard time doing in the past.”

Talend’s Integration Cloud already offers 800 connectors and components that give companies the ability to easily feed data into the Wave Platform from virtually any cloud or on-premise source including big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL, Teradata and Amazon’s Redshift.

In addition to this partnership, the Intergration Cloud platform is updating to support Remote Engine, sandbox functionality, Talend Data Mapper and a range of new cloud and on-premises app connectors.The Remote Engine enables the remote execution of all types of deployment scenarios and any combination of cloud or on-premises flow, optimizing agility and cost control. Remote Engine can be used to easily connect on-premises data sources and applications, from Excel to SAP, in addition to Cloud sources. It also provides a fully secure solution for connecting applications and data that are on different sides of the firewall.  Existing and prospective customers asked for the update, Stirrup noted, as it will now give them the flexibility about how and where they can do their integration work.

For more information about the partnership with Salesforce, go here, and to learn more about the updated cloud platform, go here