Talend Launches Real-Time Data Integration Platform

Talend, a provider of open source data integration software, yesterday announced the availability of Talend Integration Suite RTX, a new real-time data integration platform for enterprise application integration needs. The new solution, which is based on Talend's enterprise-grade data integration platform, Talend Integration Suite, allows IT organizations to accelerate the movement of data across IT systems, providing them with a higher level of data consistency across applications, and enabling them to make more accurate decisions.

There is strong demand from Talend customers for real-time data integration, Yves de Montcheuil, vices president of marketing at Talend, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Traditionally, data integration products focus mostly on the ETL part of data integration, loading data warehouses. In our case, we see about half of our activity coming from operational data integration, moving data between applications in the information system and real time is an extremely large part of operational data integration," he notes. While the need is relatively widespread, in particular, customers in certain verticals, including the telecom sector, the retail space, the financial services industry, and the media are extremely sensitive to real-time data integration needs, he adds.

Compatible with projects developed with Talend Integration Suite, RTX features a high throughput message-based architecture and integrates into service-oriented architecture (SOA) and message-oriented middleware (MOM) infrastructures.

The SOA management capabilities of Talend Integration Suite RTX automate the deployment of integration processes either as data integration services or data services, for complete integration into Service Oriented Architectures. Generation of the WDSL descriptor, UDDI entries and SOAP binding are automated, and Talend Integration Suite RTX handles the instantiation and management of the resources required (connection pools, integration processes pools, load balancing, failover and others.) Talend Integration Suite RTX also supports multiple modes of event-based execution for data integration processes. Its event listeners support JMS-based Message Oriented Middleware, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), as well as Remote Procedure Calls, HTTP and sockets calls.

Talend Integration Suite RTX leverages Talend's more than 400 connectors to source and target technologies, including real-time connectors to web services, MOM, business applications such as, SAP, SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics. The platform supports all business needs for real-time integration. Furthermore, Talend Integration Suite RTX's Publish & Subscribe Change Data Capture technology allows proactive, real-time detection of changes in data sources, decreasing the size of the data sets that are processed, which further accelerates the velocity of data.

Talend Integration Suite RTX is available immediately. For more information, go here.