Talend Launches Talend Integration Suite LCp to Support Enterprise-Scale Deployments

Talend, an open source data integration software provider, has announced the availability of Talend Integration Suite LCp (life cycle platform). This new enterprise data integration platform extends the Talend Integration Suite to provide Fortune 500 organizations with a broad set of enterprise features, ranging from automated testing and code validation to multi-environment project repository management, to better facilitate enterprise-wide data integration projects and deployments.

Talend Integration Suite is a subscription service that extends the open source Talend Open Studio with professional grade technical support and additional features to facilitate the work of large teams and to industrialize enterprise-scale deployments. Talend Integration Suite LCp further extends the enterprise capabilities of Talend Integration Suite through features including a testing platform, a repository manager, and an audit platform.

Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the life cycle platform is an enabler for large data integration deployments across entire enterprises. It can be used for numerous initiatives such as creating an enterprise data warehouse that pulls data from many enterprise systems, and it also helps to unify best practices and methodologies. It can also be used for departmental projects and then eventually tie those together across the enterprise."

The testing platform automates quality assurance and regression testing of data integration processes on one single centralized platform, such that data integration processes can now be automatically validated before they are deployed. The repository manager coordinates multiple project repositories and automates the transfer of processes from one job repository to another. It can be used to link development repositories in order to exchange and share common logic, as well as manage workflows and permissions. And third, with the audit platform, organizations can analyze the degree of compliance of their data integration processes with their own set of development standards and best practices.

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