Talend Releases New Version of Talend Integration Cloud

Talend, a provider of cloud and big data integration solutions, is launching a new version of Talend Integration Cloud (TIC), delivering data-as-a-service 24/7 while allowing IT to maintain governance over enterprise information.

Available immediately for trial, Talend Data Preparation Cloud accelerates time-to-insight by 3x so companies can more efficiently utilize data as a strategic asset to improve business performance and competitiveness.

Talend Data Preparation Cloud makes it easier for companies to engage their entire workforce with self-service access to reliable, accurate information, so employees can shape relationships with customers, partners and key stakeholders to advance the business.

The Fall ’17 release of Talend Integration Cloud  introduces new features to enhance the customer experience such as portal-based access to all role-based applications including Talend Data Preparation Cloud, a new management console with improved user interface, a Job Execution API with new and updated operations for starting and enumerating jobs and cloud-based version of Talend Studio Project Management and Project Authorization using Source Control (Git) to help extend product capabilities to teams.

The platform already allows line-of-business professionals to have self-service access to any data source, get trusted information for use in their daily activities, collaborate with peers on data preparations, access sanctioned data coming from SaaS apps, cloud databases or on premises sources, mask sensitive data from specific parties, and share data prep with IT.

For IT professionals, Talend Data Preparation Cloud allows them to instantaneously deliver an intuitive, web-based tool that enables business users to access, cleanse, analyze and utilize enterprise data; empower their line-of-business counterparts with greater insight so they can do their jobs better; manage role-based access to enterprise information; oversee data quality and governance policies, so they can maintain the accuracy and security of enterprise information; operationalize user preparations at enterprise scale; and concentrate on more pressing IT operational needs because Talend Data Preparation Cloud is fully managed by Talend.

“We see this release being the big changing point for Talend’s platform,” said Mark Balkenende, manager, technical product marketing at Talend. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to really help their business be data driven during this expansion of technology and explosion of new technology out there for them.”

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