Talend Releases Winter 2017 Version of its Data Fabric Platform

Talend is releasing the Winter ’17 version of Talend Data Fabric, focusing on enhancing several different areas including data preparation, data cleansing, and self-service data stewardship.

Talend’s integrated platform now includes new data preparation features for big data that enable all employees to access, cleanse, and collaborate on the analysis of massive data sets. The update gives users a self-service Data Stewardship app that helps companies avoid fines and penalties that can result from data integrity issues.

The latest version of Talend Data Fabric also includes Spark 2.0 innovations for Talend Big Data and Talend Integration Cloud that allow customers to accelerate business processes and upgrade their environments.

The new data preparation capabilities for Talend Big Data allow customers to access any data source, run preparations at scale using the power of Spark 2.0 and Hadoop, utilize a pre-configured data dictionary to auto-recognize the meaning of the raw data from the data lake, as well as augment the dictionary with their own vocabulary, and crowd source new data definitions from open data and/or the Talend Community.

“They can run that preparation on Hadoop and run it at the same speed and scale as Spark,” said Ray Christopher, product marketing manager at Talend. “We’ve added connectors so you can access your data in Hadoop.”

With the data stewardship app users can quickly resolve many data integrity issues to ensure data in the lake is clean, governed, and compliant.

Using the Data Stewardship app, employees can embed governance into any data integration flow, and isolate subsets of data that require manual curation, arbitration, or certification.

Future plans for the platform include a continued focus on self-service, enhancing support for the latest and greatest tech, and more, according to Christopher.

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