Talend Trust Score Ensures Data is Trustworthy, Healthy, and Actionable

Talend, a global provider of data integration and management, is releasing the Spring ‘22 version of Talend Data Fabric, adding advanced capabilities to Talend Trust Score including aggregation and historical views into the health of any dataset.

These new features will help businesses analyze combined data quality metrics to evaluate data trust at macro and micro levels, including across all datasets, groups of datasets, or individual datasets, according to the vendor.

“Talend continues to raise the bar on innovation with our customers in mind,” said Jamie Fiorda, vice president, product marketing, Talend. “Our advancements to Talend Trust Score will help businesses understand the ongoing quality of their data and feel confident in the decisions they are making. This new product release is another step toward helping our customers leverage healthy data to achieve powerful business outcomes.”

Talend Trust Score helps businesses assess the quality of their datasets as it intelligently evaluates and scores data in Talend customer environments by using crawlers that automatically scan datasets in on-premises and cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google. 

Businesses can also identify quality issues with incoming data from third-party systems/source systems and remedy them immediately, before there is a negative impact.

Talend’s Spring ’22 enables businesses to see trends and measure data trust over time and identify data drift issues to ensure reliable information is used to drive optimal business outcomes. New features include:

  • Talend Trust Score by Groups provides more targeted insights into the health of data assets instantly with trust score grouping via metadata. Now users can filter any group of datasets, or individual datasets, and see an aggregate trust score that can serve as an enhanced “single-pane-of-glass” view into data health. This provides a fully tailored view of datasets that are relevant to each user, for an at-a-glance view of actionable data quality metrics.
  • Talend Trust Score Trending provides a temporal view of the health of datasets. Customers can now see trends and measure the effectiveness of data programs on an ongoing basis and surface issues that are not visible with snapshots of quality, such as data drift. Customers may scan datasets at intervals such as daily, weekly, and hourly, providing a view into dataset quality to help provide a more accurate assessment at any given time.

In addition to Talend Trust Score updates, Spring ’22 accelerates productivity with collaborative workflows that can serve as a conduit between users at different technical levels.

Talend expands its centralized repository with Data Quality Rules in Talend Studio, a step to ensure these simple-to-configure rules are available for reuse across the Talend ecosystem, on any data, no matter its location or format.

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