Talend Unveils Talend Platform for Data Services

Talend, an open source software provider, has announced the availability of the Talend Platform for Data Services, which provides developers and users of the data services a common development, deployment and monitoring environment for both data management and application integration.

"Back in November, we launched the Talend v5 platform, which is the holistic integration solution that brings together data, applications, and processes. It was a suite of products built on the unified platform with all those products designed to work together and to interoperate. What we are announcing now is one solution built on that platform," Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The Talend Platform for Data Services is essentially a combination of the data integration and ESB technologies, bundled together in a single solution, to facilitate the deployment of data services, he explains. Additional solutions built on the platform will be rolled out in the next 3 to 6 months, to address different integration needs in the enterprise, de Montecheuil adds.

Talend's data services solution offers common tooling, providing organizations with the ability to choose the most effective enterprise-grade technologies to solve their integration needs. It includes a graphical user interface for development, a deployment mechanism and runtime environment for operations, and a monitoring console for management - built on top of a shared metadata repository. 

Additional capabilities include connectors and advanced data transformation capabilities that enable organizations to access any data, stored anywhere in the information system or beyond, an enterprise feature-set that enables enterprises to build secure and scalable batch-oriented or real-time integrations to connect data formats and disparate applications, and single, integrated user experience to define, deploy, manage, and monitor both data integration jobs, web or REST services and ESB infrastructure.

According to Talend, the Talend Platform for Data Services offers a greater return on investment when more than one discipline is used by providing common tooling, artifact storage, deployment, execution and monitoring capabilities. Consolidating the overall architecture on a single user interface, code base and security model eliminates "one-off" integrations, and also enables the creation of a data services layer throughout an enterprise, driving down application development and support costs.

In addition, Talend also announced that its subscription products have been united under the "Talend Enterprise" brand. Built on the Talend Unified Platform, the offerings include Talend Enterprise Data Integration (formerly Talend Integration Suite); Talend Enterprise Data Quality (formerly Talend Data Quality); Talend Enterprise MDM (formerly Talend MDM Enterprise Edition); Talend Enterprise ESB (formerly Talend ESB Enterprise Edition); and  Talend Enterprise BPM, the newest addition to the Talend technology portfolio, recently introduced in Talend version 5.

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