Tamr Adds a Set of Enrichment Services to Boost Data Mastering

Tamr, a cloud-native data mastering solution, is offering Tamr Enrich, a set of enrichment services built natively into the data mastering process using Tamr’s patented human-guided machine learning.

Tamr Enrich curates and actively manages external datasets and services, enabling customers to seamlessly embed trusted, high-quality external data insights to their data mastering pipelines for richer business.   

“Companies go to great lengths, spending millions of dollars to attempt to derive business value from disparate data sources,” said Anthony Deighton, Tamr’s chief product officer. “We’re excited to offer a built-in solution that provides one-click simplicity with one click and makes customers’ data cleaner and more complete.”

For example, when a business wants to integrate an application programming interface (API) for address validation and standardization, it requires significant investment to implement the capability, including hiring a vendor to find the source, build the integration, maintain the integration, manage the vendor, and make updates. Tamr Enrich eliminates many of these obstacles, enabling clean, trusted data without complexity.

Customers also benefit from Tamr’s unique ability to continuously add new enrichment sources versus existing solutions in the market today that offer a static set of services.

 Tamr Enrich allows customers to unlock more value from mastered data faster to:

  • Improve match rates. Customers can realize a potential 2x improvement.
  • Automate more. Customers see model confidence improved by 20+%.
  • Simplify data enrichment. Services are fully managed by Tamr and delivered in one click.
  • Eliminate broken data. Tamr Enrich allows customers to identify contacts or companies with no valid contact information and accelerate time-to-insight.
  • Standardize values. Data is ready for use in analytics tools.
  • Expand insights. New attributes unlock new uses for existing data.

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