Tapping into Data Catalogues for Deeper Discovery at Data Summit 2017

Data scientists and analysts still struggle to find information they need, when they need it. A new approach is making its way through organizations that provides users with a data catalogue tied to governance that offers a place for enterprises to “shop” for what they need.

This is an “Amazon-ified” approach to data and can be done instantly to make faster decisions without needing to go through so much technical jargon and assistance.

At Data Summit 2017, Stan Christiaens, CTO at Collibra, will present attendees with information on how to deploy this approach, and how a data catalogue can enable data stewards to uncover insights and solve critical business problems. This method, he said, gives users search results from data sets within an organization. Users can then see all the information they need in one place.

Data Summit 2017 takes place May 16-17 at the New York Hilton Midtown, with pre-conference workshops on May 15.

“We’ve seen that anybody who wants to use data in a company, business analysts or data scientists, spend over 60%  of their time not doing analysis, but just trying to find and get access to the data,” Christiaens said.  “Enterprises say data is a strategic asset but when will they actually start to build that data driven culture? When will businesses put their money where their mouth is?”

There is also a regulatory aspect that is driving this need, Christiaens explained.

He expects Data Summit to be dominated by discussions about governance, data cataloguing, and the context of data science and data lakes in regard to analytics.

“One gives rise to the other,” Christiaens said. “People are always the most interested to hear about the sexier stuff like the catalogue for data science or analytics but inevitably it will drive them to governance questions. They will say ‘Now I found the data, who is the owner so I can have access to it?’”

Christiaens’ session, “The ‘Amazonification’ Approach to Data,” will be presented at Data Summit on Wednesday, May 17, at 2 pm.

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