TeamQuest Announces Acquisition of Dashboard Vendor PureShare

TeamQuest,  an IT capacity planning and management solutions vendor, is acquiring PureShare, a provider of business value dashboards. According to TeamQuest, the acquisition will enable IT organizations to better predict the health and risk of their operations while providing IT and business leadership with actionable information they need to make informed decisions.      

“The market has been asking for these capabilities,” said TeamQuest president and CEO Paul Hesser. "Our customers tell us they need a solution that not only allows IT to align to the business but integrate with the business. We’re leading the way in delivering on this potential,” said Hesser. "The evolution of capacity management software has taken a groundbreaking step forward.” 

The integration ofTeamQuest and PureShare capabilities is expected to provide a complete solution that enables users to elevate IT maturity and optimize infrastructure based on the business value it delivers.  The combined solution will provide individual stakeholders with a view into IT based on their requirements such as detailed technical metrics for operations, dynamic views of service status for managers, and alignment of IT investments?and?business objectives for business leaders.  

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