TeamQuest Software Supports Unisys MCP 13.0

TeamQuest Corporation, a leader in IT Service Optimization, announced it is bringing automation one step closer to Unisys MCP users with the company's latest software offering. TeamQuest SMFII 15.100 adds the ability to track data per connection, analyze a workload set and return the tasks for each workload, and supports ClearPath MCP Release 13.0.

"This software release helps you define workloads easier, quicker, and in real time," states TeamQuest software engineer manager Brenda Bonnstetter. "The immediate feedback when defining workloads will save time, provide workload definition accuracy and allow for quick updates in adjusting workloads to meet changing environments."

TeamQuest SMFII 15.100 provides a new TCP/IP probe that collects performance statistics on a per TCP/IP connection basis. Each connection identifies the host IP address and port number, network IP address and port number, and the type of connection.

TeamQuest SMFII reports on computer system performance and locates performance bottlenecks. With it, users can analyze the present and the past, from one to multiple servers, and from high-level information to detailed component and user activity.

TeamQuest SMFII allows users to manage multiple A Series systems from one place. It collects and displays system resource information for hardware components and software applications in concise, understandable charts and tables. It offers a comprehensive set of statistics, including detailed information on CPU, memory, I/O, disk, network, process, and operating system internals. These statistics are collected at the system, workload, resource, and task levels.

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