Tech Mahindra’s Cloud BlazeTech Accelerates Cloud Migration and Drives Business Value

Tech Mahindra, the provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, is launching Cloud BlazeTech, a cloud-native enterprise acceleration platform supporting bi-modal transformation to drive business value for enterprises leveraging cloud.

Cloud BlazeTech utilizes integrated cloud migration, cloud-native operation, and a self-healing governance model to expedite cloud transformation for enterprises amidst their digital transformations. Hyperscalers are among the most emphasized focuses of Cloud BlazeTech, as well as of Tech Mahindra—highlighted as the drivers behind cloud decisions.

“We are betting big time on hyperscalers as a partnership because predictions suggest almost 45-50% of the decisions in the cloud will be influenced heavily by the hyperscalers themselves,” said Suri Chawla, global head of cloud services at Tech Mahindra. “They'll basically decide who gets in and who gets to play in that game.”

In conjunction with hyperscalers, meeting enterprises where they are in their journey is central to the aims of Cloud BlazeTech. Employing a cloud-agnostic methodology, Cloud BlazeTech meets the unique needs of enterprises to advance their digital transformations.

“The toolsets that we use, the methodology that we use, is cloud-agnostic,” emphasized Chawla. “The reason for that is because most of our customers say, ‘You know what, I'm not going to bet on just one hyperscaler, I'll have a secondary hyperscaler.’ So not only are they multi-cloud, but they are also hybrid-cloud, with not everything moved to cloud. And when you pick that toolset, or methodology, or way to build cloud native applications, it's the methodology of setting it up as cloud-agnostic, rather than relying on typical hyperscalers, that is important.”

The platform’s integration with hyperscaler hybrid cloud platforms enables access to specialized, pre-built, cloud-native solutions, amplifying the business value of enterprise cloud migrations. According to the vendor, enterprises can attain 25-30% cost savings with Cloud BlazeTech, as well as migration time improvement by 30%.

“No matter where you are, which region you are, or what phase of the journeys you're on, we have a solution for you,” concluded Chawla.

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