Tellius Introduces Live Insights to Accelerate the Discovery of Valuable Data

Tellius, the AI-driven decision intelligence platform, is introducing Live Insights, a new capability for users to quickly generate powerful data analysis within their cloud data warehouses.

This new feature leverages the compute power of cloud data platforms for automated generation of advanced insights without requiring data to be extracted from these systems, fueling faster, better decision making, according to the vendor.

“The modern data stack is not just about re-tooling for the cloud; it presents an opportunity to transform how organizations approach analytics by moving beyond decades-old processes of limiting business users to pre-built dashboards and data specialists to manually querying data,” said Ajay Khanna, CEO and founder of Tellius. “Live Insights is another step in modernizing the analytics experience with AI-driven automation and natural language interfaces that allow our customers to stand up a complete modern data stack and go from data-to-insights in just a few minutes.”

Tellius is the AI-powered decision intelligence layer that sits on top of the modern data stack to help business users and analysts quickly and easily understand what is happening with business metrics, why metrics change, and how to drive desired business outcomes.

Live Insights accelerates the discovery of these business insights from terabytes of unaggregated data by analyzing the data inside cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

With Live Insights, users can perform the following analyses leveraging their preferred cloud data platforms:

  • Identify trend drivers: Users can diagnose why important metrics and key performance indicators are changing by having the system automatically analyze combinations of factors in the data and present findings in an easily understandable format
  • Compare cohorts: Users can identify the underlying key differences between groups of customers or transactions by examining combinations and cross-sections of data; for example, to understand the characteristics between customers with high lifetime value versus low lifetime value
  • Receive proactive insights: Users can proactively uncover unexpected shifts in the business by having the system continuously monitor cloud data to highlight anomalies and the underlying reasons at a granular level

 Live Insights extends the power of Tellius’s core AI-augmented analytics capabilities to deliver:

  • Democratized insights: Business users and data analysts can self-serve and interpret actionable insights on terabytes of cloud data in a point-and-click manner without coding
  • Zero data movement: Live Insights leverages cloud data warehouses’ native architecture to optimally push down both interactive query and generation of insights without requiring data movement
  • Faster insights: Live Insights intelligently spots the most relevant columns for auto-insights generation based on usage, cardinality, data quality, and more to rapidly surface insights to users

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