Tellius Introduces On-Demand Platform Utilizing Machine Learning to Glean Insights

Tellius, the Guided Insights platform, is releasing Tellius On-Demand, an on-demand SaaS application for business users and analytics teams to quickly understand why metrics change in their data with machine learning automation.  

Analyzing data with spreadsheets and visualization tools relies entirely on manual ‘slicing-and-dicing’ of data that takes time and produces incomplete results.

Advanced tools that can process large amounts of data require users to pay a high upfront cost to deploy dedicated resources to meet worst-case scenarios for maximum usage of computing and storage, even when they sit unused for long periods of time.

 Tellius On-Demand removes the technical and cost barriers for organizations of any size to:

  • Analyze all their business data by utilizing machine learning algorithms that evaluate every possible combination of data points to automatically surface actionable insights and allow users to interactively explore data by asking questions in natural language
  • Scale elastically when needed by automatically enabling resources at the time they are required, without technical expertise to scale up or down
  • Pay only for what they use with a consumption-based pricing model that charges customers for data processing and compute power actually used
  • Get started for free by signing up at where no upfront payment is required to connect to data sources, analyze data at scale, and share insights with others

“Legacy analytics and their ‘cloudified’ scale are dead,” said Ajay Khanna, founder and CEO of Tellius. “Billions of dollars have been wasted on traditional analytics applications that do not scale as efficiently or as easily as Tellius On-Demand. Modern data analysis driven by machine learning and AI requires a completely new architecture built from the ground up that enables organizations to get answers from all their data using automated analysis techniques without worrying about resource capacities or operational scale up and scale down.”

Tellius Guided Insights provides a unique, modern, and intelligent way for organizations to break free from traditional analytical approaches.

While dashboards remain the standard way to monitor operational metrics, they do not fill the need for business users to ask ad hoc questions and perform data analysis.

Data science automation tools can help build machine learning models quickly but require advanced technical teams to be effective.

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