Temenos Announces Enterprise Java Edition on System z for Big Banks

Temenos, a provider of banking software, launched a new Java and component-based version of its flagship TEMENOS T24 software (T24), designed for use by large banks. As part of this launch, Temenos announced results of a major benchmark which illustrate the high performance of the new product running natively on IBM' System z servers, leveraging advanced features of the System z.

T24 Enterprise Java Edition combines the vendor's core banking software with IBM System z, the platform of choice for large scale banks globally, including the top 120 global banks and the top 50 U.S. banks.

"T24 Enterprise for System z ensures that large banks can continue to enjoy the scalability and reliability of the mainframe platform," according to Andreas Andreades, CEO of Temenos. "It exploits the benefits of lower cost of ownership, flexibility to adapt to market changes and ability to differentiate at the customer service level."

T24E underwent validation by both Temenos and IBM engineers to confirm its native suitability for the System z platform, the vendor adds. T24E adopts System z features such as Sysplex and DB2 Data Sharing, and was also shown to efficiently utilize IBM's advanced WebSphere platform to offload up to 80% of its workload onto IBM's lower-cost specialty zAAP processors. Temenos also says that IBM has also granted T24E Java Edition certification for the IBM Banking Industry Framework for Core Banking Transformation.

For more details, go to the Temenos website.