Teradata AI Unlimited for AWS Drives AI/ML Innovation Affordably and at Scale

Teradata, the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, is announcing that Teradata AI Unlimited—the company’s serverless AI and machine learning (ML) engine in the cloud—is now available for private preview in the AWS Marketplace. Designed to enable data scientists, data engineers, and developers to uncover innovative use cases on-demand and using data at scale, Teradata AI Unlimited delivers AI enablement to the AWS ecosystem.

Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS sources its emergence from a rampant need of enterprises to develop innovative, powerful AI/ML applications while—almost impossibly—reducing costs and ensuring scalability.

“While AI is a clear priority for business leaders today, pinpointing the best use cases to create value from data and AI and to invest in those areas is where it gets tricky,” explained Hillary Ashton, chief product officer at Teradata. “Conventional wisdom says to start small and scale from there. On the surface, that seems like a sound approach, but in reality, it’s actually quite risky. Proofs of concept fail all the time, which slows innovation, and in turn can make an organization more risk averse.”

“But it’s possible to overcome this problem and increase innovation. Teradata has developed AI Unlimited to help make AI innovation faster, easier, and more cost-effective,” she continued.

Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS combines Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics capabilities with an affordable environment that centers on empowering exploration, discovery, and innovation. Supported by serverless compute and in-engine analytics, Teradata’s solution sparks AI innovation while minimizing costs and diminishing the risk of costly overruns and arduous provisioning, according to the company.

Natively integrated with AWS, Teradata AI Unlimited allows users to access data wherever it lives on AWS, reducing the costs of data movement and alleviating the pains of data infrastructure management. The solution also features seamless integrations between Teradata’s complete engine, ClearScape Analytics, and VantageCloud.

Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS offers the following capabilities:

  • Parallel processing and the ability to build and run models at considerable scale
  • Rapid setup and deployment through a self-service, on-demand experience
  • Spin up or spin down compute resources with unlimited scale
  • Bring-Your-Own-Model (BYOM) capabilities for operationalizing any model trained on Amazon SageMaker or other AI/ML services within Teradata AI Unlimited
  • A variety of accessible data formats in AWS with Open File Format, including Parquet, CSV, and JSON using Jupyter Notebook, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, or Microsoft Excel
  • A consumption-based model based on time spent exploring and making discoveries

“AI Unlimited is a gamechanger for data scientists, data engineers, and developers,” said Ashton. “It gives users the freedom to explore and operationalize AI initiatives without risk or fear of cost overruns and without impacting their company's day-to-day, mission-critical production environment.”

As the solution evolves, users can expect Teradata AI Unlimited to be able to access any data lake that supports Open Table Format (OTF)—such as Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake—yielding seamless prototype transitions to the VantageCloud production environment.

AI Unlimited on AWS and Azure will be for public preview in Q1 2024. To learn more about Teradata AI Unlimited on AWS, please visit