Teradata Accelerates Roadmap for Presto with Free ODBC/JDBC Drivers

Teradata Corp. has accelerated its roadmap for the open source Presto by delivering ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)/JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers for free.  Presto is an open source SQL query engine which supports big data analytics.

The new drivers will enable Presto to more effectively utilize organizations' analytic environments to run interactive analytical queries at scale, and leverage existing SQL business intelligence and visualization tools. By leveraging the familiar ODBC and JDBC interfaces, organizations will also be able to easily develop business intelligence applications in the data lake The goal is to increase adoption beyond the world-class Silicon Valley companies that are already using the platform.

Teradata announced a committed roadmap for open source contributions and commercial support for Presto in June of 2015.

According to Teradata, the new drivers to the Presto open source platform will help organizations to rapidly develop applications that leverage the most flexible and scalable SQL on Hadoop solution; business intelligence vendors to certify their tools with Presto, enabling familiar and mature access tools for interactive workloads in the data lake; and expand the Presto community by addressing the need for enterprise-grade access

The enterprise-class Presto drivers were originally slated for mid-2016. However, the global launch for the ODBC driver will now be in fourth quarter of 2015, and the JDBC driver will be released in the first quarter of 2016 at Follow Teradata's open source contribution on Teradata GitHub.