Teradata Adds New Business Analytics for SAP Customers

Teradata has launched Teradata Analytics for SAP software and services solution to enable SAP customers to more easily move SAP system data to Teradata and integrate it with other business data and big data for analysis.

The Teradata customer base has large investments in SAP ERP systems as well as Teradata systems, observed Murray Maloney, director, Teradata Labs. “The goal of the solution is to help those users bring that SAP data into their Teradata integrated data warehouse.”  By enabling customers “to quickly and easily integrate that SAP data with the rest of their enterprise data coming from all sorts of source systems,” they can then expose their data to in-database analytic functions, and achieve “a 360-degree view of their business from an analytics point of view,” he noted.

“Teradata Analytics for SAP is essentially an end-to-end, source-to-reports, shrink-wrapped solution aligned with SAP Business Modules, whether they are financial modules, or sales and distribution, or inventory management,” said Maloney. “Whatever types of business data that is being collected on the SAP ERP system, it extracts that data and loads it into the Teradata system into what we like to call the general business data model. Instead of having siloed information as it is stored in the SAP system, it integrates that data so that you have kind of a general view from a business point of view of all that data.”

Teradata offers support for ETL tools to move the SAP data from ERP systems to Teradata. “We partner with SAP Business Objects Data Services as well as with Informatica,” Maloney said.

In addition, he added, Teradata Analytics for SAP offers 150 dashboards and standardized business reports in 17 key categories from financial accounting to human resources.  Teradata also offers SAP specialized expertise in the field through Centers of Excellence.

Teradata Analytics for SAP is currently available worldwide and is compatible with Teradata Database 13.10 and later.