Teradata Adds Several New Offerings to Vantage

Teradata, the Pervasive Data Intelligence company, is adding three new offerings for its Teradata Vantage platform, reflecting Teradata’s commitment to offering as-a-service capabilities to meet the needs of their customers.

These capabilities provide choice and flexibility for customers operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, private cloud, or hybrid cloud environments.

New offers include adding AWS Marketplace as a channel for consuming Teradata software on an as-a-service basis,  introducing a turnkey on-premises offer which provides key cloud benefits while remaining within customers’ data centers, and driving a new hybrid cloud disaster recovery service to complement a firm’s physical infrastructure with an on-demand secondary system in the cloud.

By leveraging automation and Teradata’s unique expertise in managing complex analytic environments at scale, organizations can focus instead on finding answers to their toughest business challenges.

In addition to providing access to 100 percent of an organization’s information, Vantage consolidates analytic silos into a single platform. The location of the data or workloads is not a deterrent, since the same Vantage software runs on every deployment option.

Now available as-a-service on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Cloud and on-premises, Teradata Vantage empowers firms to consume the company’s market-leading analytic capabilities any way they prefer, in the environment they prefer.

Simplifying the process for subscribing to Teradata services, new options for Teradata Vantage allow customers to purchase some of the most up-to-date, innovative and effective analytic environments as-a-service on AWS.

With Vantage, customers gain the managed and elasticity advantages of the cloud and the industry’s only platform for pervasive data intelligence, all while remaining within a physical domain they know and trust near the associated people, data and application ecosystem.

To provide this “best of both worlds” hybrid cloud solution, Teradata provisions Vantage software and purpose-built infrastructure within an organization’s data center and then monitors and manages the environment remotely.

This approach allows Teradata customers to utilize their existing training, workflow, procedures and software customizations, thereby maximizing return on previous analytic investments.

Another critical offering for organizations with on-premises deployments is Teradata Disaster Recovery As-a-Service (DRaaS), a hybrid cloud business continuity offering designed to mitigate the effect of catastrophic events.

Firms can back up and store their data in the cloud as frequently as desired and spin up the rest of the system only when needed – a modern, cost-efficient approach to secondary systems which are rarely used but sorely needed in the event of a disaster scenario that renders the company’s primary environments inoperable.

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