Teradata Announces New Big Data Products and Services

Teradata is introducing new big data applications targeted to specific verticals such as retail and healthcare, new Teradata Loom 2.4 capabilities to expand the depth and breadth of metadata in the data lake, and a new fixed price/fixed time-frame data lake optimization service offer from Think Big which was recently acquired by Teradata.

Big Data Apps Powered by Teradata Aster AppCenter

With the new Big Data Apps Powered by Teradata Aster AppCenter, Teradata’s main goal is to expand big data access and insight to more decision makers. The release includes purpose-built apps designed to answer specific business questions in verticals such as retail, telco & cable, healthcare, travel & hospitality, entertainment & gaming, and consumer financials. The apps are delivered as pre-built templates that can be configured by Teradata Professional Services. “This extends the value of big data into the hands of the business users to solve specific business problems,” said Chris Twogood, vice president of product and services marketing at Teradata. The solutions are based on IP acquired through Teradata’s real-world customer deployments and they are being made available to customers on premises through an appliance, in the cloud, or as a software-only solution, he noted.

Teradata Loom 2.4

In addition, Teradata has announced enhancements to Teradata Loom, which is based on technology acquired from Revelytix, and provides metadata, data lineage and data wrangling capabilities to increase productivity for data lake developers and users, has been extended. According to Teradata, the value proposition with Loom is to reuse work that already been done, get more timely visibility into changes in the data, and simplify data prept with an easy to use data prep interface. Loom 2.4 expands the depth and breadth of metadatra in the data lake with new support for JSON objects, Loom Partitions that enable data to be partitioned into different sub categories, and new international support to more efficiently recognize international data delimiters. Teradata Loom community edition which is offered for free, as well as a premium edition of Loom, will be available in March 2015.

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Data Lake Optimization Service Offer

And finally, Teradata plans to announce on Feb. 17, in conjunction with the Strata Conference in San Jose, a new “Data Lake Optimization” offer. Think Big, a Teradata company, which will be providing the new service offering to optimize a customer’s data lake.  “We have seen a number of companies come up with a data lake concept but they have not thought through all the different elements they need to consider, such as security, metadata management and governance,” said Twogood. The new offering includes a proactive data lake assessment is an 8-week fixed cost program that includes capabilities such as taking an existing ingest data stream to add governance, building a new data stream according to best practices, and adding metadata and data management. The service is specifically targeted at customers that have begun the data lake journey in order to help them embrace best practices and standards, said Twogood.

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