Teradata Collaborates with to Provide an Integrated Solution that Speeds Up AI Adoption  

Teradata, the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics company, and artificial intelligence (AI) cloud platform provider are partnering to offer an integration of H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, the company’s state-of-the-art AI platform, with Vantage, Teradata’s multi-cloud data analytic platform.

The integration enables Teradata and’s customers to quickly and easily make, deploy, and operate AI solutions that solve business problems and drive business value, according to the vendors.

“Customers tell us that disconnected data, analytics, and AI platforms slow down their AI initiatives,” said Sri Ambati, Founder and CEO at “The integration of H2O AI Hybrid Cloud with Teradata Vantage provides seamless alignment between the platforms, unifying data stores of all kinds, analytics and AI, so our customers can rapidly access more data to inform new insights that result in more accurate and informed business decisions.”

With Teradata Vantage, data engineers and data scientists can use familiar languages like R, Python, and SQL to process and prepare data for machine learning at scale.

This allows the business to shorten the time needed to prepare data for analysis—a time-consuming process for AI projects, according to the vendors.

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud helps data scientists accelerate the model building process with advanced automatic feature engineering, automatic algorithm selection and automatic model validation.

Combined, the two platforms provide the ability to build and deploy AI initiatives quickly, and at scale, to meet the growing demand of enterprise customers, regardless of where their data resides—in the cloud, on multiple clouds, or in hybrid environments.

The integration of H2O AI Hybrid Cloud with Vantage gives customers countless use cases to pursue, from fraud prevention and anomaly detection to customer churn, price optimization and customer expansion.

The combined solution opens the possibilities of any AI initiative that customers want to evaluate to drive better business decisions. 

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