Teradata Completes Acquisition of Digital Marketing Solution Provider

Teradata and Aprimo, a Teradata company that provides integrated marketing management software and services, announced that the acquisition of Munich-based eCircle, a European vendor in digital marketing, is complete.

It is expected that the combination of Teradata’s data warehousing and analytical capabilities, Aprimo’s integrated marketing management solutions, and eCircle’s digital messaging platform and services will enable marketers worldwide to create more compelling customer experiences across the assortment of online and offline channels.

eCircle’s digital marketing solutions, when combined with Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management applications, are intended to help marketers to deliver highly targeted, consistent and personalized digital marketing campaigns that are integrated across all channels. Customers are expected to also benefit from Teradata Aster’s big data analytics and Teradata’s data warehousing for deeper customer engagement. The combination gives businesses a competitive edge in a world where data is exploding and marketing itself is changing, serving as a blueprint for creating optimal customer experiences. 

Organizationally, eCircle will be integrated into Aprimo, and maintain its current business operations to support its existing customer base. eCircle’s current senior leadership team will join Aprimo and continue to serve key leadership roles. The company plans to deploy eCircle globally to serve the growing worldwide demand for digital marketing solutions.

 “We looked around the world to find the best company in digital messaging, with the greatest respect for data privacy and the highest compliance standards, and which was the best fit with our vision, culture and values. We found it in eCircle, the digital marketing leader of all Europe, and we welcome them to the Teradata/Aprimo team,” said Bob Boehnlein, president of Aprimo. “The addition of eCircle increases Aprimo’s European presence more than three-fold, and gives us expertise and market presence in all major European countries, creating the largest marketing applications provider in Europe and enabling delivery of Aprimo’s solutions globally.”

eCircle will also remain available for purchase standalone. For more information about Teradata, go to