Teradata Enhances Integrated Marketing Cloud

Teradata is announcing new enhancements to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.

Within many companies’ marketing departments there is a greater emphasis than ever before on using big data to make their products more appealing to customers. A major use for the data is to not only provide the best possible experience for the consumer, but to be able to provide it efficiently.

Teradata’s new enhancements are aimed at improving digital asset management and performance, real-time interaction management, and use of data in real time. 

With the new release, digital assets are now monitored from creation, through collaborative review and approval processes, to fulfillment and usage tracking, enabling marketers to have all the information in one central location.

In addition, real-time interaction management is necessary to track applications’ most important customers, the ones who use it the most. Real-time interaction management aims stay in touch with customers by presenting them with current information. To do this, Teradata blends historical data, i.e., customer preference and response information, with real-time insights about live interactions on mobile and web channels. This allows for companies to be up to date with their customers through an entire products life cycle as much as possible.

Many marketers struggle with effectively putting out timely content that consumers want.

“For most companies today, the customer experience is fractured and inconsistent, especially as it relates to digital channels,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Marketing Applications.  One of the new enhancements is campaign management. This allows marketers to use a set of pre-defined templates to efficiently put out new material that reinforces the companies brand as well as satisfy the customers need for new content.

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