Teradata Launches Online Community for SQL-MapReduce

Teradata Corporation has announced the launch of the Aster Data SQL-MapReduce Developer Portal, a collaborative online developer community for SQL-MapReduce analytics, an emerging framework for processing non-relational data and ultra-fast analytics.

"The new Aster Data SQL-MapReduce Developer Community helps bring MapReduce analytics to a broad audience of data scientists and quantitative analysts, helping organizations more easily leverage the power of MapReduce without sacrificing the familiarity and broad ecosystem support for standard SQL," Jon Bock, director of product marketing for Teradata, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The new community is intended to help bring the power of SQL-MapReduce accessible to data scientists, quantitative analysis, and analytic developers by making it easy to share and collaborate with experts in developing SQL-MapReduce analytics. The portal also includes MapReduce support for .NET, and the first integrated development environment, called Aster Data Developer Express.

There are a variety of services available through the portal, says Bock. "It offers expert insights about using MapReduce and SQL-MapReduce from Aster Data and industry experts, provides a forum for easy sharing of information and insights among users, and facilitates sharing of code and functions for SQL-MapReduce analytics," he says.

There are some existing communities for MapReduce, but these are focused on implementation issues, Bock also points out. " is a strong community specifically catering to the education and development of MapReduce," he says. "There are also a small number of communities of developers focused on development of the open source MapReduce implementation such as Apache Hadoop.  However, existing communities are focused far more on configuration and administration of software and as a result do not provide the same capabilities for collaboration and sharing as the SQL-MapReduce Portal."

SQL-MapReduce is one of the core capabilities within Aster Data's flagship product, nClusterT 4.6, a massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic platform has an integrated analytics engine that stores and processes both relational and non-relational data at scale. The SQL-MapReduce framework provides scalable fault-tolerance for new analytics, providing users with superior reliability, regardless of number of users, query size, or data types.

More information is available at the Aster Data SQL-MapReduce Developer Portal.