Teradata Moves the Cloud Forward with Extended Cloud Analytics Offerings and New Partner, Google Cloud

Teradata has announced new Vantage capabilities to help organizations simplify analytics ecosystems and allow them to move from analytics to answers, wherever they are on their cloud journey.

With these announcements, Teradata Vantage now unifies analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses, all in the cloud.

Teradata will soon expand its public cloud offerings to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With this addition, Teradata’s as-a-service capabilities will be available across the top three global public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.Teradata is also adding native support for low-cost storage via object stores Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and eventually, Google Cloud Storage, to ensure that Teradata Vantage customers can cost-effectively access and query all of their data to get a complete and integrated view of their business.

In addition, Teradata is adding consumption, or pay-as-you-go, pricing which gives Vantage customers the freedom to perform complex analytics on virtually any amount of data and pay only for what they use. Teradata has also announced a Hadoop Migration Program, which provides a collection of tools, processes, and services to help companies move away from Hadoop and modernize their infrastructure with Vantage and native support for cloud object stores.

“Teradata is absolutely committed to providing the best enterprise analytic capabilities in the cloud with Vantage software,” said Ashish Yajnik, vice president of product management at Teradata. “We enable companies to start small and elastically scale resources only when needed, and then pay only for what they use. Adding Google Cloud Platform to the global footprint already offered by Teradata will provide customers with unrivaled choice and flexibility with how and where they use Teradata Vantage. Plus, with native support for low-cost storage as well as a Hadoop Migration Program, organizations will be able to access and query all of their data, regardless of where it is, to get an unrivaled view of virtually every aspect of their business.”

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