Teradata Partners with Alation to Introduce Data Catalogs that Increase Productivity

Teradata is entering a strategic partnership with Alation to provide a data catalog that will help users to take advantage of self-service analytics.

According to both companies, data catalogs are useful in building trust because they connect the dots between data, systems, and people, and present both technical information and organizational knowledge about internal data in a single, accessible place.

Alation’s main mission is to improve the productivity of business users and IT professionals by using observations of human and data interactions across business intelligence, database, and Hadoop systems in conjunction with expert curation to populate an enterprise data catalog. Teradata chose Alation as a partner for data cataloging and collaboration tools because of its confidence in the business value of Alation’s approach to self-service analytics and its increase in productivity.

Additionally, customers also expressed interest in Alation, Dan Graham, director of technical marketing at Teradata, explained.

 “All these years, products have been built to put tools in the hands of the business user but nobody has really put a capability in their hands that makes it possible for them to be more productive so this takes us to a whole new level of interaction in the business user community,” Graham said.

Just as online consumer catalogs deliver value through product recommendations based on prior consumer behavior, Alation’s catalog delivers recommendations based on user experience and analyst behavior.

“Cataloging products, business context, or even data can be a very social endeavor,” said Stephanie McReynolds, vice president of marketing at Alation. “We can actually observe interactions between individuals and subject matter experts and learn a lot about how data should be applied in our business and what the context is of that data.”

The partnership will span joint engineering, joint sales engagement, and joint marketing initiatives.

Along with these initiatives, Teradata will resell Alation Enterprise globally.

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