Teradata Unveils New Database License Model

Teradata is launching an innovative database license model across hybrid cloud deployments, giving users more portability for deployment flexibility, subscription-based licenses, and simplified tiers with bundled features.

With portable database licenses, Teradata customers can now have the flexibility to choose, shift, expand, and restructure their hybrid cloud environment by moving licenses between deployment options as their business needs change.

This new software licensing model is the first in the hybrid cloud market to feature portability — a shift away from cloud lock-in or siloed on-premises deployments, according to Teradata.

“The Teradata Database continues to be recognized as the leading data management solution for analytics in every performance parameter, and today we can also say it comes with the very best value proposition,” said John Dinning, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Teradata.  “Not only is the database license portable across the hybrid cloud options, but so are workloads, enabled by a common code base in all deployments. This flexibility is a first in our industry and means that data models, applications, and development efforts can be migrated or transferred unchanged across any ecosystem. “

Subscription-based licenses deliver on customer requests for lower up-front costs and smooth and consistent OpEx spending; making it easier for customers to budget and predict spending patterns. 

These new subscription-based licenses come in four simplified tiers designed to meet customer requirements ranging from a FREE Tier for database development to high-concurrency mixed-workload analytical systems, with new bundled features. 

The four license tiers include developer, base, advanced, and enterprise. All the tiers come with the same version of Teradata database software. 

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