Teradata Unveils New Products to Tackle IoT Demands

Teradata is introducing a series of platforms that will capture streaming IoT data, land that data in Hadoop, and use advanced Aster machine learning natively in Hadoop to analyze data.

“We’re introducing Teradata’s IoT capabilities,” said Chris Twogood, vice president of product services and marketing at Teradata.  “One of the biggest challenges we still see is, how do we capture that data in real time, do real-time ingestion of the data, and how do we run algorithms and analytics at scale against all that raw data to uncover value?”

The new products are intended to help drive the second generation of IOT, Twogood explained. Teradata Listener is an intelligent self-service software component to ingest sensor data at scale and make it easier to connect to different sources of data streams to analyze. It will enable data scientists, business analysts, and developers to quickly and easily analyze new data streams for faster answers to business questions without needing to rely on IT for help.

Along with Listener, the company unveiled Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop, enabling multiple analytic engines to work with each other to uncover patterns in data. “We’ve created a software solution where business analysts and developers can ask for an API key, put it into their application, and data would be just streaming,” Twogood said. The flexibility and simplicity of these capabilities will enable business analysts to perform as data scientists by tackling the organization’s most challenging problems. Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop will allow users to combine machine learning, text, path, pattern, graph, and statistics within a single workflow. Teradata offers flexible Aster Analytics deployments that include the Teradata Big Analytics Appliance, Hadoop, the software only version, or in the cloud.

In addition to these two new platforms, Teradata Unified Data Architecture is being improved, along with the introduction of Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Presto software. This will enable cross-platform SQL queries to be initiated from Apache Hadoop or the Teradata Database at extreme speeds. In addition, Teradata is the first to streamline data exploration and analytics by integrating a Teradata Database, Teradata Aster Analytics, and Hadoop in a single Teradata UDA Appliance.

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