Teradata Unveils Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2750

Teradata announced the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2750, an appliance that integrates an enterprise warehouse with in-memory technology to enable organizations to have fast access to their analytics without the burden of a second appliance. The new product, as well as the Teradata Cloud, and the new ability for customers to add Java Script Object Notation (JSON) data to their data warehouse, were unveiled at the company’s Partners User Group Conference in Dallas.

According to the company, the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, with Teradata Intelligent Memory and the latest Teradata Database, combine for up to three times system-wide performance improvement out-of-the-box, as compared to the 2690 platform. In addition, real world deployments that leverage the new Teradata Database features have achieved up to a 700 times performance response time improvement.

New Teradata Cloud Makes Teradata Database and Teradata Aster Discovery Platform  Available as a Service

Teradata is also making its technologies - including Teradata Database and Teradata Aster Discovery Platform – available as a service for data warehousing and discovery analytics. The combined offers allow customers to benefit fromTeradata’s Unified Data Architecture to enable business insight from all types of data – with the additional option of cloud-based delivery.

The Teradata Cloud includes Data Warehouse as a Service which is available today in the United States. With Data Warehouse as a Service, customers can access Teradata Database, ETL and BI ecosystems—managed by Teradata—in a secure and reliable production class environment in the cloud. In this cloud model, Teradata assumes all responsibility for hardware/software and also daily end-to-end operations via Teradata Managed Services. In addition, these capabilities are available on a monthly subscription. In the first half of 2014, Teradata will also enhance the Teradata Cloud by adding Discovery as a Service and Data Management as a Service, so that Teradata’s complete Unified Data Architecture can be implemented as an on-premise private cloud or inside the Teradata Cloud.

SAS, Teradata and Hortonworks introduced the Analytics Advantage Program with Hadoop.

In other announcements at the conference, SAS, Teradata and Hortonworks introduced the Analytics Advantage Program with Hadoop. This new offering expands on the success of the original SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage program for in-database analytics to now include enterprise Hadoop provider Hortonworks.

Teradata Adds New Support for Java Script Object Notation (JSON)

And, to help customers to more quickly respond to opportunities and challenges created by the growing IoT (Internet of Things), Teradata said that customers will now be able to add Java Script Object Notation (JSON) data to their data warehouse.

The inclusion of JSON data will establish the Teradata Data Warehouse as an analytic hub from which customers gain business value from IoT data. Customers will be able to monetize M2M data by aggregating and analyzing it from diverse machines joined to operational and historical business data. According to the company, customers will also be able to benefit from Teradata’s scalable engine applied to JSON data with JSONPath, a data manipulation feature. And finally, the data will be a part of the Integrated Data Warehouse, which extends the value of operational analytics.

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