Teradata Unveils VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud, Promoting Scalable, Responsible AI

Teradata is debuting the availability of Teradata VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud, merging the powers of Teradata and Google Cloud—with additional new enhancements—to deliver trusted AI at scale. This announcement seamlessly integrates key Teradata components with an array of Google Cloud AI technologies and models, offering a modern data platform designed to support and scale a variety of AI types—from predictive AI to generative AI (GenAI).

Despite AI’s hype, moving projects from simple proof of concepts to production is still an exclusive process. Many AI projects never make it to production, and if they do, are unsustainable and risk-prone due to resource and time constraints, according to Teradata.

To reduce this stubborn barrier of entry to enterprise AI, Teradata’s collaboration with Google Cloud provides the necessary foundation for organizations to deploy AI ethically and successfully, according to the companies.

“Companies in every industry see significant business potential in AI and need modern cloud analytics, as well as a trusted data platform, to begin to realize AI’s benefit,” said Hillary Ashton, chief product officer at Teradata. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud reflects the deep commitment both companies have to helping organizations successfully and responsibly execute their business strategies using AI. VantageCloud Lake with Google Cloud, which comes with ClearScape Analytics and seamless integration of Google Cloud’s AI services, is designed to allow customers to tackle challenges, seize big opportunities, and drive massive value with trusted AI.”

This launch emphasizes a key integration: Teradata’s ClearScape Analytics and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and Gemini models.

With the integration of ClearScape Analytics—the most powerful engine for deploying end-to-end AI/ML pipelines, according to Teradata—and Google Cloud’s fully managed, unified AI development platform, Vertex AI, joint customers benefit from the ability to train and predict models against data located within VantageCloud Lake. This makes executing complex analytics and AI/ML possible on massive pools of data, as well as incorporates the users’ preferred data science tools, to ultimately increase AI/ML ROI.

The two companies’ collaboration enables ClearScape Analytics’ open API to integrate within the embedding API in Gemini models—Google Cloud’s multi-modal large language model (LLM) that can understand virtually any input, from text to audio, images, video, and code. This allows vectors to be stored in VantageCloud Lake, joining the LLM with product data stored in VantageCloud Lake and enabling GenAI use cases.

“Our expanded partnership with Teradata brings the power of Google Cloud’s generative AI to Teradata VantageCloud Lake, empowering our joint customers to unlock new levels of innovation and efficiency" said Stephen Orban, VP, migrations, ISVs, and marketplace at Google Cloud. "By seamlessly integrating Google’s cutting-edge AI technologies with Teradata’s data platform, we are enabling businesses to harness the full potential of their data and drive transformative outcomes with trusted AI.”

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